Maria Chiara Brambilla - Publications

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  10. (with Giorgio Ottaviani)   "On Partial Polynomial Interpolation."     ArXiV     Macaulay2 scripts
    Linear Algebra and its Applications 435, (2011) 6, 1415-1445.    DOI: 10.1016/j.laa.2011.03.024

  11. (with Hirotachi Abo)   "New examples of defective secant varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties."
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  13. (with Hirotachi Abo)   "On the dimensions of secant varieties of Segre-Veronese varieties."     ArXiV
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  14. (with Daniele Faenzi)   "Rank 2 stable sheaves with odd determinant on Fano threefolds of genus 9."
    Mathematische Zeitschrift. 275, (2013) 1-2, 185-210.    DOI: 10.1007/s00209-012-1131-8    ArXiV

  15. (with Daniele Faenzi)   "Vector bundles on Fano threefolds of genus 7 and Brill-Noether loci."    
    International Journal of Mathematics 25 (2014) 3, 1450023 (59 pages)    DOI: 10.1142/S0129167X14500232    ArXiV

  16. (with Olivia Dumitrescu and Elisa Postinghel)   "On a notion of speciality of linear systems in P^n"
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  17. (with Olivia Dumitrescu and Elisa Postinghel)   "On linear systems of P^3 with nine base points"
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  18. (with Olivia Dumitrescu and Elisa Postinghel)   "On the effective cone of P^n blown-up at n+3 points"
    Experimental Mathematics 25 (2016) 4, 452-465, DOI: 10.1080/10586458.2015.1099060    ArXiV

  19. (with Giovanni Stagliano')   "On the algebraic boundaries among typical ranks for real binary forms"
    Linear Algebra and its Applications 557 (2018), 403-418    ArXiV

  20. (with Giovanni Stagliano')   "Algebraic Boundaries Among Typical Ranks for Real Binary Forms of Arbitrary Degree"
    Foundations of Computational Mathematics 21(4) (2021), 1003-1022   

  21. (with A. Altavilla, and E. Ballico)   "Surfaces in the flag threefold containing smooth conics and twistor fibers"  
    Mediterr. J. Math. 19, 281 (2022).    ArXiV

  22. (with A. Altavilla, E. Ballico, and S. Salamon)   "Twistor geometry of the flag manifold",  
    Mathematische Zeitschrift, vol. 303, 24 (2023).    ArXiV

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    The Art of Doing Algebraic Geometry. Trends in Mathematics. Birkhauser, Cham. (2023)    ArXiV

  24. (with A. Altavilla, and E. Ballico)   "Twistor fibers in hypersurfaces of the flag threefold"  
    New York Journal of Mathematics, Volume 29 (2023), pp 1117 - 1148    ArXiV

  25. (with Olivia Dumitrescu, Elisa Postinghel and Luis Santana Sanchez )   "Duality and polyhedrality of cones for Mori dream spaces",
    preprint 2023.    ArXiV

  26. (with E. Ballico)   "On minimally Terracini finite sets of points in projective spaces"   preprint 2023.    ArXiV



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