Chiara Brambilla - Associate Professor in Geometry

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e Scienze Matematiche

Università Politecnica delle Marche
Via Brecce Bianche
I-60131 Ancona, Italy

E-mail: m.c.brambilla AT           Telefono: 071 - 220 - 4869
Ufficio n. 89 QUOTA 155 (DIISM)

Research:        Algebraic Geometry

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INABAG: Italian Network for Applied and Birational Algebraic Geometry

9ECM, July 2024 Sevilla.
AGAFE 2024, February 2024 Ferrara.
Homemade Algebraic Geometry, July 2023 Alcala de Henares.
Incontri con la Matematica 2021   
SIAM AG 2021: Minisymposium "Algebra and Geometry of Tensors 2: Structured Tensors"   
GO60 2021   
Classical Algebraic Geometry in Milano, 2019   

Women in Commutative Algebra II, October 2023 Trento.
AGATES kickoff workshop September 2022 Warsaw   

Seminars: Seminari dell'Area Matematica, Ancona   
Applied Algebraic Geometry 2023-2024 (and past editions)

Teaching:   Pagina della didattica

Links:      Area Matematica           DIISM              Facolta' di Ingegneria              Univpm

Mathematics for me is a universal and adequate language of sciences, and it is an example of how
people of different cultures and backgrounds can communicate and work together.
This is extremely important in our times.

I.M. Gelfand